Family Day?

The White House has proclaimed September 26, 2005 Family Day. Everyone in the nation is encouraged to sit down and eat dinner with their family. The idea is that families that eat together and spend time together are more likely to raise healthy, responsible, drug free kids. While that idea is sound, people are unlikely to change their habits and lifestyles after one day.

But that's not what this entry is about. It's more concerned with what TVLand is doing to promote Family Day. On the day in question, TVLand is canceling its regular programming for four hours and instead will display photos of families eating and spending time together. I imagine it will be like watching a slide show of other people's vacations.

Call me cynical, but I keep picturing someone living alone, who, for whatever reason, has no family, growing more and more depressed as they watch photo after photo of other people enjoying time with their loved ones. I hope the suicide hotlines are gearing up for an increase in calls on that day.


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