No Escape

A good friend once told me that you should only try to save the people who are trying to escape the quicksand, that you can't save those who aren't struggling to escape. Recently, I've realized I don't necessarily know the difference between the two.

If a person says they want to escape but keeps finding a reason not to reach for the rope that is being tossed to them, is it because they don't want to escape or because they've never seen a rope before and mistake it for something frightening, like a snake?

*sigh* That sounds absurd even as I type it.

If someone doesn't reach for the rope, if they make no effort to move toward firm ground, if they, in fact, move closer toward the center of the quicksand, they are not trying to escape, are they?

I just have to close my eyes and cut the rope so I can move on; I'm not certain I know how.


Blogger Kira said...

Some people think they want to be helped, but once they find out it's difficult to be responsible, they give up.

After all, it's easier to be a slug and have people fawning their attention all over you than it is to grab the rope.

My last lesson is helping was rather costly.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Coyote Beta said...

Sorry to hear that. How did you make the decision to let go? How did you move on?

6:52 PM  

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