A Challenge

During the US Civil War, Mrs. Rose Greenhow, nicknamed "Wild Rose" spied on the north for the Confederacy. She transmitted her messages using a cipher. Imprisoned by the North, she still managed to pass messages to fellow conspirators by using her fan and signals arranged in the window of the house where she was held until the Union government deported her to the Confederate states. The cipher was finally cracked when the code was discovered on her body following her death.

Ann Blackman, a Greenhow biographer, offers the first five individuals who can break Wild Rose's cipher and interpret the encrypted parts of one of her messages an autographed copy of the book she has written. Only three people have succeeded so far.

Are you Coyote enough to take Ms. Blackman up on her challenge?


Blogger jason evans said...

How many Coyotes are there? The eyes flash too quickly for me to count them.

If I set an offering beneath a white pine on a mountainside, would they come in the night?

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Coyote Beta said...

Anything's possible.

6:53 PM  
Blogger jason evans said...

Long time, Coyote Beta. (Or is it?) Perhaps if I'm very quiet, and the winds are never at my back, Coyote Alpha might appear in the shadows beneath the pine tree.


Did I hear a howl in the long stretch of valleys?

I'll settle in and hold my breath. And my separateness will blend away into the darkness.

8:19 PM  
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