A Touch of Ego

I have recently been studying everything from Plato to Nabokov. As part of this experience, I've been examining not just the published works of these authors, but also their biographies. When and how they lived, who they interacted with, what was important and not important to them. And, in a touch of ego, I've found myself wondering if I make it as an author, if my works survive through the generations, what will future biographers say about me and the life I've lived? How will they summarize it? What, or who, will be seen as the greatest influences on my writing and my beliefs?

More importantly, I've wondered which of the writers emerging alongside me future scholars will hold in high regard. As I move deeper and deeper into the current literary world, I am developing friendships and relationships with other aspiring writers and literary critics, each with their own style and voice and goals. In these hypothetical future biographies, which of these friendships will be noted and which will never be mentioned because one or both of the parties involved failed to achieve literary success?

Who, among the many writers striving to find their way to the top of today's slush pile, will achieve immortality tomorrow?


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