Of Tattoos and Youth

I was in the convenience store the other day buying a soda and a candy bar. Not that this fact is relevant to this post or anything, except to establish that I was in the convenience store and I wasn't just there hanging out. I had reason for being in there. The reason I was there was to buy a soda and while I was there I decided I wanted a candy bar, too.

So, I took my purchases -- the candy bar and soda -- to the cashier. The clerk was a young woman who just started working there recently. I know this because I do stop in at this store quite a bit. But not to hang out. She looks nineteen, but since she and the young man she was flirting with were talking about Rockin' Robins, a local bar, we'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she's twenty-one. (She can't be twenty-one. She looks way too young to be twenty-one.)

The young man was trying to impress her by talking about getting a tattoo. She responded in the flirtatious, squeamish fashion designed to let him know she's not out to overpower his masculinity then informed him, "My friend's mother just got one."

"No way? What she'd do something like that for?"

"I don't know. She just turned forty and she's going through that thing where she wants to be young again."

Now, as I'm leaving, after paying for my soda and candy bar, I find myself thinking, They are so young to think that forty is old and that tattoos and things are exclusive to the twenty-something crowd. This shows how not so young I am these days.

Then I found myself wondering, What do they think would happen to their tattoos when they turned forty if they got one now? I mean, those things don't magically fade away on your thirtieth birthday.


Blogger Kira said...

Great link on Vanishing Tattoos. Thanks for posting it.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Coyote Beta said...

You're welcome. I'm fascinated by tattoos (among other things). Seems to me that tattoos are the ultimate form of self-assurance. In some societies, I know tattoos have deeper meanings, but in Western cultures, they seem to say "this is who I am". I've thought of getting a tattoo before, but I can't think of anything that would represent who I am now and who I might be in the future.

10:38 AM  
Blogger MacDuff said...

Why would anybody of whatever age get a tattoo, or their body pierced , or believe that democracy is a good method of deciding anything except what you probably should not do. I know you didnt say anything about democracy but recording one more alien practice wont hurt.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Coyote Beta said...

ROFL. No. Recording all the different alien practices doesn't hurt. Humans are basically pack animals and democracy often does not seem like the best practice for ruling the pack, does it? Sometimes, when everyone is milling around talking about what should be done or what needs to be done, I just want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them really, really hard and say, "Well do it then!".

'course, I would be deeply offended if I was not allowed to vote for my leaders. Not that we pack animals always do such a great job of doing that.

As for tattoos and body piercing, in middle- and upper-class Western society I think they are about asserting one's individuality, which is strange, since the tattoo tradition was all about showing where and how one belonged. Personally, I'm fascinated by prison tattoos. National Geographic has an entire program about tattoos in Russian prisons. Prison tattoos have their own language, their own code, and, even in Western culture, go back to the roots of tattooing by showing where and how an individual belongs.

9:23 AM  
Blogger MacDuff said...

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10:42 AM  
Blogger MacDuff said...

I agree democracy is about not offending anyone (that way you get elected).
However I don’t think tattoos are about asserting individuality. Imagine 30 years hence in some old peoples home coming across a whole bunch of these tattooed aliens comatose in armchairs. You could call in a paleotattosist who could approximately date them and classify them according to their tattoo. Nothing individual about that. Those who in their individualistic youth had opted additionally to have their noses pierced would be particularly popular with the staff who with the aid of a piece of string and a deft bit of needlelike threading could ensure that the herd remained reasonably together and that the would be maverick was severely inhibited in his wanderlust.
I think it is more primitive than an expression of individuality.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Coyote Beta said...

In college, my dorm made up a t-shirt that said, "I want to be an individual, just like all my friends." It alluded to the fact that when a group of individuals tried to be individuals, they usually ended up acting like other individuals who were trying to be individuals and those individuals were usually a like-minded set of people. In other words, their friends. So, yes, when I see someone in the American middle class culture, getting a tattoo or a different body part pierced, I think they are trying to assert their individuality, to show that they are not afraid to be different, that they are, in fact, not their parents. Of course, in so doing, they end up being like many other people in the American middle class cultures.

Notice I am limiting this generalization to the American middle class. In the lower class, tattoos might still be a type of marking, to show where one belongs, a way of indicating that they do indeed have a membership to a group. Outside America, tattoos have different meanings as well.

8:21 PM  
Blogger MacDuff said...

It is very odd to me to hear talk of class, especially coming from an American, when in the UK of all places it has been practically eliminated.
In the UK , like the 'N' word which dare not speak it's name, to talk in ‘class’ terms is to deliberately shock. Tony Blair wouldn’t dream of saying such a thing for example. The most privileged these days adopt in their speech a kind of cockney variant known as ‘Estuary English’ for fear revealing their ‘class’. ‘Estuary English’ because it seems to emanate from the area around the mouth of the River Thames.

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Coyote Beta said...

Well, there's class, and there's class, and there's class. In the context I'm using it, I'm referring to economic status, how much you make and how much you can afford to spend. In the States, questions of class are largely economic and is often considered changeable. The myth in the States is that individuals can change their class, their status, if you prefer, by working hard, living honestly, or winning the lottery. ;) Of course, the truth is that most people stay within the socio-economic element in which they are born because the amount of money their parents make directly impacts their own options and opportunities. While it is possible to move up, or down, those cases are more rare than most people would like to believe, and changes in one generation are more a matter of degree than actually changing strata.

In the US, the phrase more often heard today is "the haves and the have-nots". Some individuals consider having a computer a necessity, others a luxury, others have never been on the internet because they can't afford to buy groceries, let alone pay for monthly internet access. Regardless of what it is called or whether or not it is discussed openly, it doesn't change the fact that there are class differences in western society.

9:48 PM  
Blogger MacDuff said...

I dont think your use of class is entirely to define an economic group because you did after all ascribe 'group membership' as the motive for a low class tattoo and individual expression for a middle class tattoo. Differences of motive may arise out of different economic pressures I agree but in Blair’s Britain you would only be permitted to point to the economic difference and not draw any conclusion about class behaviour unless it were to excuse some bad behaviour in the lower class it never works in the other direction. It seems odd to me that politics in which I have no interest other than a passing contempt must require concepts like ‘class’ in order to do it’s job properly but it dare not define ‘classes’ in any useful way. I suppose this is political correctness.

1:51 AM  
Anonymous Coyote Beta said...

When I referred to 'group membership' for tattoos in lower classes, I was thinking specifically as a sign of gang affiliation, although I did not say this. In the States, gangs tend to be comprised more of individuals from a lower economic standing. Gangs become their family, provide their sense of belonging, and their are certain symbols which are exclusive to certain gangs.

Are you stating that it is not possible to belong to an economic group?

In what what does politics require the concept of class in order to function?

2:00 AM  
Anonymous Coyote Beta said...

Maybe we truly are coming at this from two different cultures. How do you define the term 'class' if not by economic status?

2:02 AM  
Blogger MacDuff said...

I was just surprised at your use of the term ‘class’ as I thought it was a taboo subject. You don’t seem to be using ‘ class’ solely as an economic term as you suggest but including a lot more by inference.
For example those of low income who have tattoos are more likely to be motivated by a desire to be seen as a group member whereas those of higher income are most likely to be motivated by a desire to appear individual..
I don’t disagree with that I am just surprised you can say it.
What I meant by politics requiring the concept of class was only that if you are going to pass laws you need to identify classes of individuals to which the laws will apply and affect. Politicians shrink from ascribing anything bad to a particular group or class and so the idea of class never gets discussed except to claim that ‘class’ is meaningless. It is not just that they avoid discussion it is true to say that any bad thing which might be attributed to a group or class of individuals, for example single parent mothers, is not allowed to be said on television, the radio or the press. I don’t mean that there is a law against it only that political correctness prevents it happening. Maybe I am using ‘class’ in two different ways. Certainly I do not see the economic status of an individual as defining his class and that has always been the way in the UK although it may be changing now.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Coyote Beta said...

In the States, there's not really any way to differentiate 'class' except economically. We don't have nobility or royalty, which is part of the reason we are so fascinated with yours.

I just wish this post hadn't drifted so far down. I'd love to hear other people's takes on this discussion.

2:31 PM  
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